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Karton - We Bleed

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 4 / 9 / 2010

Karton - We Bleed
Label: Sound of Habib
Format: CDS


Unimaginative Prodigy-style dance rock salvaged by its remixes on debut single from Australian electro act, Karton

Daytime radio breakbeat pop seems to have become pretty much the standard so Annie Nightingale must be singing her tune at the wrong time of the day. The 'We Bleed' twelve inch offers Prodigy-type of pubescent nonsense, including the type of beats you can crash your car into a wall, provided you've reached the legal age to do so. Karton has little, to no, original music to offer but that's not exceptional. The state of (white) dance pop music is getting increasingly dismal. As per usual, the remixes come to the rescue when the original is bland radio blabber. The Future Funk Squad deliver a good job yet by far the best remix from this is one from Infusion which shows how to turn a mediocre ramble into something special. Infusion have found long lost Homeboy, Hippy and A Funky Dred samples, hidden in a cupboard that no one has dared to open as yet, but have used these to full effect.

Track Listing:-
1 We Bleed
2 We Bleed (Future Funk Squad Bled Dry Remix)
3 We Bleed (Infusion Remix)
4 We Bleed (The Hump Day Project Remix)

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