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Antarctica Takes It! - Constellations

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 14 / 8 / 2010

Antarctica Takes It! - Constellations
Label: How Does It Feel
Format: CD


Unimaginative and predictable indie pop on second album from Antarctica Takes It!, the project of Californian-based musician Dylan McKeever

Apparently, there was a lot of fuss in the indie press when Dylan McKeever released his first album, 'The Penguin League', two years ago, but I must have been hiding under a rock at that time, as I have never heard of this guy, who releases his records under the name Antarctica Takes It! before. A lot of the aforementioned fuss seems to have been about the fact that Dylan recorded that first album on his own, directly into the built-in microphone on a laptop computer, which is something to be suspicious of... when the sound gets more attention than the songs. Now, McKeever (thanks to some internet fundraising) has entered a proper studio, and came out with his second album, 'Constellations'. Sadly, I still haven’t heard that first album, so I can’t compare it to this new effort, but if I should trust the press release ( this is miles better than the previous record. Well, to tell you the truth... I’m, not that impressed, actually. Sure, there are some good pop songs on this piece of plastic, but at the same time, I get the feeling that I have heard this mix of indie pop and folk music a thousand times before. If they ever make a follow-up to the film 'Juno', I’m quite sure that Antarctica Takes It! will be on the soundtrack...

Track Listing:-
1 Bossa
2 C&F
3 Straight To Your Heart
4 Try Try Try
5 Constellations
6 Lions Of Love
7 Stay In Bed
8 Voices
9 Spirit Of Love
10 Thunderstruck
11 Bedrooms

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