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New Pornographers - Together

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 9 / 5 / 2010

New Pornographers - Together
Label: Matador Records
Format: CD


Thoughtful yet melodic fourth album from mainly Canadian indie-supergroup the New Pornographers, which by the group's own high standards, however, proves to be something of a disappointment

It may seem pointless to hope that mainly Canadian indie-supergroup the New Pornographers could ever equal the standard they set with their debut album ‘Mass Romantic’. Except they already have, with 2005’s ‘Twin Cinema’. Sadly, while 2007’s ‘Challengers’ possessed a number of great tracks, it never really came close to its predecessors. Likewise, ‘Together’ is – by the standards previously set – a disappointment. All the elements fans might expect are present and correct. There are complex-yet-still-definitely-pop musical arrangements. There are clever lyrics, and lashings of ‘la la la’ harmonising. For other bands, this thoughtful, tuneful and intermittently entrancing collection of pop songs might be a career high. For the band that recorded ‘The Bleeding Heart Show’ and ‘Sing Me Spanish Techno’ – the standout tracks on ‘Twin Cinema’ – it seems patchy. ‘Your Hands (Together)’ exemplifies this. It opens with an almost heavy metal-esque riff and an urgent exclamation of “put your hands together for the silver bullet”, but it never builds in the way that previous anthemic songs from the New Pornographers did. Instead it, and many other tracks here, seems to remain instead a loosely aggregated collection of good ideas and fine musicianship that never really assemble into a truly impressive structure. Perhaps it is down to the burgeoning solo careers of pivotal members Carl (AC) Newman, and Neko Case. While the band’s wonderful first three albums felt like the work of an integrated and in-tune band, this impression has noticeably declined for this album, which has more of the feel of many people throwing their ingredients into the pot with no real regard for the eventual flavour. Not to avoid the cheap pun: ‘Together’ never really comes together. It may be unfair to judge the New Pornographers by the incredibly high standards they themselves have previously set. Unfortunately for them, there are no other standards that are appropriate.

Track Listing:-
1 Moves
2 Crash Years
3 Your Hands (Together)
4 Silver Jenny Dollar
5 Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
6 My Shepherd
7 If You Can't See My Mirrors
8 Up In The Dark
9 Valkyrie In The Roller Disco
10 A Bite Out Of My Bed
11 Daughters Of Sorrow
12 We End Up Together

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