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Dag for Dag - Boo

  by Paul Waller

published: 9 / 5 / 2010

Dag for Dag - Boo
Label: Haldern Pop Records
Format: CD


Chilled out and occasionally melancholic indie rock on debut album from much hyped American-born and now Stockholm-based brother and sister duo Dag for Dag who really do prove to be names to watch

Of all the bands I’ve reviewed this month American/Swedish brother and sister (for real this time, thank you Jack White) Dag for Dag have to be the most hip, most happening things destined for greatness if you were to believe all the positive press that’s been flying around the blogs and magazines such as 'Art Rocker' and 'Drowned In Sound' recently. With a quick click onto their MySpace you have two videos from 'Boo' available to watch. Both 'Hands And Knees' and 'Animal' are up-tempo songs but they paint the band into a corner of being nothing more special than a dreamy Blood Red Shoes. That would be a shame if the casual browser decided to look no further, because when the record is played as a whole (and this really is an album that has to be listened to in full) 'Boo' really comes together as a clever and rather likable collection of songs. The overall vibe is one of mellow relaxation. A song such as 'Came In Like a Knife' captures the last moments of a hot summer's day as the sun slowly dips below the horizon and the spaciously epic 'Wouldn’t You' has the most beautiful vocal laid down by Sarah Snavely. It’s a quiet indie song without ever slipping into C86 twee territory, a trap in which a lot of bands today are finding themselves falling into and one Dag For Dag never slip into. 'Silence is the Verb' is the standout for me, a little gimmicky with the duel vocal from the pair because of Jacob's monotone vocal perhaps but it never grates on the listener. There is a haunting Joy Division quality about this track and to be honest the album would have benefited from a few more tracks like it but I can’t take anything away from this record. For once the scenester press has got it right. Dag for Dag really are ones to watch.

Track Listing:-
1 Boo
2 I Am The Assassin
3 Hands And Knees
4 Boxed Up In Pine
5 Wouldn't You
6 Silence As The Verb
7 Seven Stories
8 Light On Your Feet
9 Traffic Jam
10 The Leather Of Your Boots
11 Animal
12 Came In Like A Knife
13 Ring Me, Elise

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