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Drew Andrews - Only Mirrors

  by Paul Waller

published: 4 / 5 / 2010

Drew Andrews - Only Mirrors
Label: Lill Vs Pi
Format: CD


Gentle, but compelling if somewhat out-of-time post rock folk on solo debut album from San Diego-based musician, Drew Andrews

Once upon a time the B-Core label from Spain released a record by a Swedish band called Cobolt. This mini album entitled 'A Few Hours Captured' was a pretty average listening experience except for it’s opening track which was a blinder. This was probably the reason the record only just sold out it’s initial tiny print run. Drew Andrews' debut 'Only Mirrors' owes a huge (and most probably completely coincidental) debt to the gentle sound found on Cobolt’s record. The exception here is that every track is as good as Cobolt’s opener and why wouldn’t it be. Drew Andrews comes from good stock, having played guitar in not one but two legendary post rock projects (Tristeza and The Album Leaf respectively) he does carry some weight upon his singer-songwriter shoulders. The slightly more up-tempo numbers on here such as Hospitals Again and Counterfeit break up the snail's pace of the album and are much needed because from the off the light picking style and sweet harmonised vocals are so intricate and breezy that if you don’t concentrate you could miss the subtle hooks contained within each and every song. From the opening title track to the final 'Wide Awake 'it is a case of each repeat listen bringing rewards that are easily missed on initial plays. This may be the album’s failing. With the glut of similar releases out there since Fleet Foxes massive success a couple of years back containing shiny gimmicks and glossy production Drew Andrews may have just missed the boat as 'Only Mirrors' is really a record for an obsessive lover of post rock folk. How many of those there are left out there remain to be seen.

Track Listing:-
1 I Could Right A Book
2 Only Mirrors
3 Why Talk About It?
4 Counterfeit
5 Angeli
6 When I Say You're Right That Means You're Wrong
7 Hospitals Again
8 Five Faces
9 I Will, You Won't
10 Trading Faces
11 Wide Awake

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