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Let's Go to War - Karmageddon

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 3 / 4 / 2010

Let's Go to War - Karmageddon
Label: Last Gang Records
Format: CD


Compelling combination of hip-hop and electro-pop on debut album from Toronto-based club act, Let's Go to War

Let’s Go to War have come blazing out of the thriving Toronto club scene. For those familiar with the likes of Crystal Castles and MSTRKRFT, you might have some idea of what to expect. They kick off their debut album, 'Karmageddon', with ‘Burning Down the Disco'. It has a fast paced, dirty dance sound with great pace and edge. A filthy synth bass resonates across this and throughout the whole album. As quickly as you have the feeling that you could be in the middle of an album that would soundtrack an out of control and excessive night out, they follow this up with 'The Whole City's Got a Cold', a massive hip-hop track which lowers the pace right down. You begin to see a whole change in tempo and vibe to the album. Track three, ‘Wolves’ which is already a big hit on the said Toronto club scene, begins to melt these hip-hop elements and the more dancey-electro sounds that Let's Go to War produce together. Having worked with also with Britney Spears, it’s clear that LGTW have the skills to make huge, huge tunes. We’ll forgive them for working with the queen of pop muppets. Hey, we’ve all got to make a living somehow. The fact is this album is really slickly produced from start to finish and the way they mix up the genres within songs makes for fascintaing listening. For anyone who loved the last MSTRKRFT album with it’s definite hip-hop leanings this album is a worthy successor, but please don’t take that this means that 'Karmageddon' is a cheap rip off. Far from it. Rather than having a commercial sound that could appeal to more hardened dance fans, it would be more accurate to say that Let's Go to War have enough finesse and hooks to appeal to people beyond the club scene and underground hip-hop world. ‘Don’t Love Me’ later on in the album in partiular really stands out as a tune which could be massive. It has a hip-pop sound that is a cleverly executed and disguised as a romantically, yearning tune. I expect Let's Go to War to be massive very, very soon.

Track Listing:-
1 Burn Down The Disco
2 Whole City's Got A Cold
3 Wolves
4 Internet Pornstar
5 Life We Live
6 Push Up Ya Lighta
7 Pennychaser
8 Don't Love Me
9 Drivin'
10 Maybelline

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