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Phantogram - Eyelid Movies

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 12 / 2009

Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Label: BBE Music
Format: CD


Effective combination of twangy country sounds and breakbeats on eccentric, but appealing debut album from rural New York State-based duo, Phantogram

This cosy, sexy and heavenly dance pop from rural New York State sounds misleadingly British. Phantogram are a duo who record in their remote love nest farm. 'Mouthful of Diamonds' kicks off the album and provides a pleasant surprise with country twang and backbeats making an odd, but effective combination. 'Eyelid Movies' is meant as a cinematic reference but only gradually do the mindfilms start to work really well. The trick of the twang continues, either through original recording or with samples. The veranda feel of that friendly jingle and jangle suits the modest pumping sound of these backbeat pop tunes. Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter sing about each other, how they live their lives and what tickles their fancy. 'Eyelid Movies' is an even album, sloping perhaps like the places they record in and as they live the good life of nature and isolation. The production sound reflects the urban influences that come from very far, and only in fragments. 'You are the Ocean' is the first standout track with a driving beat, minimalistic keyboards, crooning vocals plus a good deal of menace in that dominant twang. 'You Are The Ocean' leads to adventurous tracks that, for example, sidestep into funky brass samples. I'm aware that reviews need comparisons. Without them readers aren't supposed to get the complete idea, so this is where Big Country and the Cocteau Twins meet on an Arthur and Martha remix for a Joy Zipper song on Labrador Records.

Track Listing:-
1 Mouthful of Diamonds
2 When I'm Small
3 Turn It Off
4 Running From The Cops
5 All Dried Up
6 As Far As I Can See
7 You Are The Ocean
8 Bloody Palms
9 Futuristic Casket
10 Let Me Go
11 10,000 Claps

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