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GaBlé - EP2

  by Jon Rogers

published: 30 / 9 / 2009

GaBlé  - EP2
Label: Loaf Records
Format: CDS


Quirky, but annoying second EP from surreal French pop trio,GaBlé

Common consensus says that the French don’t make great pop music. They have chanteurs instead like Edith Piaf and Yves Montand. And even the wonderful Serge Gainsbourg came out of that tradition. Basically, apart from the odd exception like MC Solaar, French music is hardly essential listening. French trio GaBlé are hardly essential – and on the evidence of this four track EP can be a little annoying at times – but they are here to shake things up. The four songs here, including opener ‘Puree Hip Hop’ and ‘I’m OK’ veer from comedic satire in a rather surreal, bonkers, way to the times the Sugarcubes let Einar loose on their second album to ruin perfectly good songs. There’s just enough here to keep your interest, even though it does become a bit ‘zany’ and ‘wacky’ at times (and so annoying). 'EP2' is, in fact, a bit like watching an entire series of comedian Katy Brand all in one go. Sure you’ll laugh at times, you’ll snigger a fair bit but you’ll also wonder just what the point of it all is.

Track Listing:-
1 Pureé Hip-Hop
2 Old Policeman
3 I'm OK
4 Georges W. Perrier

Visitor Comments:-
230 Posted By: Maarten Schiethart, Netherlands on 12 Oct 2009
Dear Jon, I hate to break this to you; you're just about as far from the truth as can be. Common consensus? Mon cul. Pardon my French. One of the first punk singles on Rough Trade was one from Metal Urbain, house music has received tremendous impulses from Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier and these are only a few examples of how very wrong you are. Your remarks were uncalled for, and more importantly, those are very wrong. France does have a great tradition in pop music (music being a French word by the way). Not just because of the Afro-french culture, think of the very rich history of Western Africa (Amadou et Mariam to name but one) - think of Manu Chao and Rachid Taha too. People like Fatboy Slim are cheap imposters, though succesful. On top of that, rock'n roll might not have occured if it hadn't been for the French sailors who brought music to the Americas, 'muzette' - from Brittany - is the predecessor to rock'n roll. Before you make any grand assumptions, do make sure that you have the full overview of these matters. I strongly disagree with what you wrote on GaBlé. Your review reads like a typically ignorant Johnny Vegas remark. I hope the Brits soon stop making these hilarious remarks about France and The French. It has really reached the point of pathetic francophobic frustration. Plastic Bertrand, TTC, Manu Chao, Les Negresses Vertes, Les Dogs, Les Calamités, Françoise Cactus (of Stereo Total), Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, dDamage, Melodium etc etc. This review reminded me of a bloke who once claimed that only the British know sarcasm. He didn't understand a single word in a foreign language however, let alone that he'd understand Boris Vian or Coluche. Oh well, kindly send me that EP. I'll probably love it to bits. GaBlé is one of the biggest surprises I've heard so far this year and they deserve much better than the usual frog-slagging. There is no common consensus unless you exclude the successes of Daft Punk, Manu Chao and alike.

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I'm Ok (2009)
Suprisingly coherent and articulate new mini album from wacky French trio GaBlé, whose music combines sounds from household devices and DIY noises with real instruments

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