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Mew - No More Stories

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 11 / 9 / 2009

Mew  - No More Stories
Label: Sony Music
Format: CD


Stunning and ultimately uplifting fifth album from experimental Danish indie rock band, Mew

In all honesty, I’m not very familiar with Danish indie rock band Mew, and if their fifth full length, 'No More Stories…' (or to give it its full title, 'No More Stories Are Told Today, I’m Sorry They Washed Away, No More Stories The World Is Grey, I’m Tired Let’s Wash Away') is anything to go by, that makes me a gigantic moron. 'No More Stories…' is an absolute treat to listen to from start to finish – it’s uplifting, rocky and danceable in equal measure, with exactly the right amount of variation instilled in each track to keep it fresh throughout, while keeping all the best common elements to cement the album into one solid, enjoyable and fun record. High points come thick and fast; perhaps of most notably in ‘Introducing Palace Players’, which moves from a wonky, disjointed sounding intro into a funky pop classic with minimal effort, and is guaranteed to be rolling around in your head for hours after you’ve heard it. Other favourites for me are ‘Repeaterbeater’, ‘Hawaii’ and the rather epic ‘Cartoons and Macrame Wounds’, but to be honest you’d be hard pressed to find a track on 'No More Stories…' that ever drops below par. If you’re a fan of Mew, I can only applaud your apparent good taste and plead you not judge me too harshly for my recently cured ignorance; I’ll be doing my best to rectify the situation. If, like me, you’ve not got much experience with the band, make like I do and grab up their back catalogue – and pick this one up while you’re at it!

Track Listing:-
1 New Terrain
2 Introducing Palace Players (Album Version)
3 Beach
4 Repeaterbeater
5 Intermezzo 1
6 Silas The Magic Car
7 Cartoons And Macramé Wounds
8 Hawaii Dream
9 Hawaii
10 Vaccine
11 Tricks Of The Trade
12 Intermezzo 2
13 Sometimes Life Isn't Easy
14 Reprise

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