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Black Knights - Parade of Piranhas

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 7 / 7 / 2009

Black Knights - Parade of Piranhas
Label: Black Knights
Format: CDS


Unoriginal and derivative garage blues rock on second EP from Manchester-based act, Black Knights

When Black Knights look into the mirror it's doubtful they see their own faces gurning enthusiastically at them. Instead it's probably Jack, Meg and Robert Plant staring warily back. A barely-controlled explosion of screaming vocals, Stone Age percussion, and Ayres rock-sized fuzzed up riffs, this aural six-some is positively ‘Single White Female’ in its worship of emotionally overwrought fuzz-metal as originated by Led Zeppelin and honed by the White Stripes. Really, there’s not a single chord progression, a drum beat, or a vocal inflection that doesn’t seem to have the Led Stripes’ DNA festering inside it. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your influences on your sleeves - Kasabian have become festival/stadium behemoths from being, first, the Happy Mondays and, now, the Doors. And Kurt Cobain “basically ripped off The Pixies” for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. But when you can’t spot a solitary original element, well, if we were certain iconic rock stars, we’d be reaching for the restraining orders. Strictly for those who’ve recently been burgled and found the entire garage blues rock section of their record collection missing.

Track Listing:-
1 The Piranha Parade
2 Roots
3 Little Lord Lucre
4 Shame You Don't Know
5 Shona Dancing

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