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Goldhawks - Where in the World

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 23 / 5 / 2009

Goldhawks - Where in the World
Label: Blue Flowers
Format: 7"


Experienced-sounding debut vinyl only single from young London band Goldhawks, who have drawn comparisons with the Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Echo and the Bunnymen and the Cure.

Where in the World’ is the debut single by the West London band Goldhawks. If you happen to know West London well, you might also know that Goldhawks is a name of a road there. It’s also a road which two of Goldhawks' band members, brothers Bobby (singer)and Jack Cook (guitar), grew up on. Bobby and Jack were later joined by Nick (keyboards), Colin (bass) and Graham (drums). In their relatively short lifetime the band have earned comparisons with the likes of Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Echo and the Bunnymen and even the Cure. ‘Where In The World’ definitely has a strong resemblance to Bruce Springsteen. It starts with an echoing drum beat which is then joined by a jingly keyboard and Bobby's laidback but charismatic vocals. When the guitars join in, the music starts to build up in power. The drum beat sets the rhythm and is like the sound of a heartbeat which you can’t help but infectiously follow. As the song progresses, all the instruments jam together with Bobby’s voice and eventually kick off in an explosion that you just lose yourself in. ‘Where In The World’ might be the band’s debut single, but, however, their music brims with experience and quality, all of which all of the above mentioned bands could be proud of. ‘Where In The World’ was released on Blue Flowers www.blueflowers.org on the 4th May 2009 and is available through Rough Trade. www.myspace.com/goldhawks

Track Listing:-
1 Where In The World
2 Up On The Altar

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