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Forever Never - Forever Never

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 8 / 5 / 2009

Forever Never - Forever Never
Label: Siege of Amidia
Format: CD


Entertaining, but by no means essential metal on self-doubting second album from American group, Forever Never

Although they occasionally break into a good metal grunt over a vintage Fear Factory-esque metal power chord, Forever Never are more comfortable actually singing. Sadly Forever Never never rise above the more generic side of metal lyrics. Hence we are left with the likes of “I’ve stopping feeling now I’m dead” and emo-truths like “confusions lead to suspicions”. A poor dance music ‘Interlude’ in the middle album just confirms Forever Never are throwing everything into the mix and hoping something sticks. The guitar work and drums are excellently sharp, but there is no coherence, with the band switching between outright metal and modern punk/emo. This album illustrates one of the most pernicious problems in modern metal: self doubt. Here are a band that when they hit their stride are outputting a noise that could tear a house down, and yet they seem to asking us to believe they would all just like a little more peace, love and understanding. Metal bands should sound like they would rip your fucking head off if they met you after a show, not like they’d be your friend on Facebook and sympathise when your girlfriend left you. Forever Never have a little to little of the former and a little too much of the latter. Entertaining, but by no means essential.

Track Listing:-
1 Empty Promises
2 Broken Kingdom
3 Never Enough
4 Break The Trend
5 T.I.T.S.
6 Lost Forever
7 Interlude
8 Eradicated
9 Exitdose
10 Living Daydream
11 Send Me A Sign (Closer)
12 The Art Of Self Denial
13 No More Tomorrow

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