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David Kitt - The Nightsaver

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 7 / 5 / 2009

David Kitt - The Nightsaver
Label: Gold Spillin'
Format: CD


Stylish sixth album and first set of studio recordings in three years from Dublin-based singer-songwriter, David Kitt

David Kitt is a Dublin-based singer-songwriter, who was at one point on Universal. ‘The Nightsaver’ is the sixth album from Kitt, who looks like a young Leonard Cohen, and his first album of new studio recordings since 2006’s ‘Not Fade Away’. It opens with ‘Move It On’, which is commercial pop number with a Bjork-like other world feel, and which is as stylish and classy as anything by Neil Halstead or Nick Drake at their best. ‘It's Yours’ is a slo-core pop number, the sort of thing that Snow Patrol do so well. There is nothing on ‘The Nightsaver’ that is any way weak. Everything on it deserves to be big and all over television and the radio, and ‘Its Yours’ is a perfect example of what a great single used to be like. ‘Beat a Retreat’ is another top notch pop number, while ‘Learning How to Say Goodbye’ in contrast has a light electronic feel. It is a gentle head bopper and foot shaker of a song, until the beats kick in and make it more funky in a modern post rock way. ‘Alone Like That’ could have been something composed by an experimental Pet Shop Boys. ‘Use Your Eyes’ is synth-based, 80s in sound and another foot tapper. ‘A Real Fire’ is soft in sound with big-sounding drums, synths and lightly strummed guitars, while ‘Nobody Leaves’ is a gentle-based pop number with attitude. ‘Don't Wake Me Up’ is a folk number which sounds like a modern take on Drake. ‘No Truth in Your Eyes’ is the closing track and is a lush-sounding late night number, that, like all the rest of this album, put to shame most other artists in the Top 40 today.

Track Listing:-
1 Move It On
2 It's Yours
3 Beat a Retreat
4 Learning How to Say Goodbye
5 Alone Like That
6 Use Your Eyes
7 A Real Fire
8 Nobody Leaves
9 Don't Wake Me Up
10 No Truth in Your Eyes

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