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Social Icons - Pop Is Falling Apart

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 1 / 4 / 2009

Social Icons - Pop Is Falling Apart
Label: EDI 59-26
Format: CDS


Gripping debut EP from Ottawa-based power pop trio, the Social Icons

The Social Icons are a power pop trio from Ottawa in Canada. Their debut EP, has been released on Edition 59 Records, an offshoot of German label Vollwert. It opens with 'Pop is Falling Apart' which is loud and commanding with a driving beat that is modern in sound at one level, but which also has an element of classic Who and the Rolling Stones. Singer Nickolai Dangeroso sings his lyrics which recall Neil Diamond in story form. 'Lou Reed' adds a groove that recalls the Pixies, but it has much more of pop sound than that. It is a head bopper from its first note to the last. 'Submarine' is a slow Tindersticks-style number with a grainy coffee and cigarettes stained vocal from Nickolai that again has something of the tone of Neil Diamond, A cover version of The Sound's 'Total Recall' ends the EP. Again this sounds something like the Pixies. It has film samples from the 50s and 60s, like the Smiths used to use, and a towering vocal.

Track Listing:-
1 Pop Is Falling Apart
2 Lou Reed
3 Submarine
4 Total Recall

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