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M83 - Saturday=Youth

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 21 / 1 / 2009

M83 - Saturday=Youth
Label: EMI
Format: CD


Ethereal and ultimately engaging fourth album from electronic group M83, which has been reissued from last year

We say ethereal. You say wispy. We say samey, you say hypnotic. Your opinion of ‘Saturdays=Youth' depends solely on whether you think electronic soundscapes are utterly engrossing or merely musical wallpaper. Boasting synths as swoony as a Victorian lady sinking to her Chesterfield with a case of the vapours, this is definitely not stuff you’ll want to dance or start a revolution to. But there give it a few listens and there’s a good balance of radio-friendly moments (‘Graveyard Boy’ gallops along poptastically despite its teenage goth band-sounding title; ‘Up!’ sounds like one of Kylie’s breathier album tracks), and some more experimental – but not inaccessible - stuff (the dark, pullulating disco of ‘Couleurs’; the verse and chorus-free vortex of ‘Highway Of Endless Dreams’). You say reflective and stealthily engaging. We say, we’ll go with that.

Track Listing:-
1 You Appearing
2 Kim & Jessie
3 Skin of the Night
4 Graveyard Girl
5 Couleurs
6 Up!
7 We Own the Sky
8 Highway of Endless Dreams
9 Too Late
10 Dark Moves of Love
11 Midnight Souls Still Remain

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