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Letzte Instanz - Schuldig

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 1 / 2009

Letzte Instanz - Schuldig
Label: Sony Music
Format: CD


Overblown and predictable metal pop on latest album from German hard rock band, Letzte Instanz

Found guilty definitely of producing completely blown out-of-proportion adult-orientated rock, German band Letzte Instanz ask to sit next to Rammstein. This album, which translates in English as "guilty", provides a full load of tight autobahn metal pop. Listening through just the first four tracks on this parody, one might expect the next track then to be to Bon Jovi or worse. Track number five, 'Traumlos', alas offers yet more predictable drivel. But given the extremely narrowed mindset of Letzte Instanz, through some macchavelian reasoning I would recommend this silly collection of Autobahn Metall Schlager if bad taste is your true virtue. To me the latter tracks are as equally unappealling as were the first few. Letzte Instanz sound like Franz Ferdinand produced by Andrew Lloyd-Webber if that is of some consolence! 'Komm!', which appears near the end of the album, could even be remixed into something I would care for at one stage. A bit. Both lyrically as well as musically this album is riddled with clichés.

Track Listing:-
1 Mea Culpa
2 Mein Engel
3 Flucht ins Glück
4 Eisherz
5 Traumlos
6 Dein Licht
7 Die Eine
8 Vollmond
9 Feuer
10 Mein Leben
11 Der Garten
12 Komm!
13 Finsternis
14 Wann
15 Mea Culpa (Live WGT 2009)
16 Mein Engel (Live WGT 2009)
17 Flucht ins Glück (Live WGT 2009)
18 Tanz (Live WGT 2009)
19 Maskenball (Live WGT 2009)
20 Ohne Dich (Live WGT 2009)
21 Dein Licht (Live WGT 2009)
22 Vollmond (Live WGT 2009)
23 Unerreicht (Live WGT 2009)
24 Sonne (Live WGT 2009)
25 Traumlos (Live WGT 2009)
26 Jeden Morgen (Live WGT 2009)
27 Finsternis (Live WGT 2009)
28 Komm! (Live WGT 2009)
29 Die Eine (Live WGT 2009)
30 Das Stimmlein (Live WGT 2009)
31 Mein Todestag (Live WGT 2009)
32 Kalter Glanz (Live WGT 2009)

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