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Inspector Cluzo - Inspector Cluzo

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 12 / 12 / 2008

Inspector Cluzo - Inspector Cluzo
Label: For A Terre
Format: CD


Offbeat and eccentric funk rock on debut album from French duo, the Inspector Cluzo, whose unique brand of no nonsense, good time music proves to be in a class of its own

French duo the Inspector Cluzo release their self-titled debut album and sound like they’re here to have a good time and bring you and yo momma along for the ride. Not many bands can successfully pull off the type of music that the Inspector Cluzo play, but they have the ability to do so. With their fun loving, up beat but no nonsense funky rock tunes, they quickly establish what they’re all about on their first self titled track, which takes a very literal approach to introduction with a bouncy riff and a chorus of “Put your hands in the air for Inspector Cluzo”. You’re already singing along by halfway through the song. For any Mighty Boosh fans out there this first song reminded me a bit of the riff from ‘Ape of Death’ song, but that is no bad thing at all. The only reason bands like this can get away with playing such tongue-in-cheek, cards-on-the-table good time tunes is if musically they are superb and the Inspector Cluzo sound fantastic. With a hint of Rage Against the Machine in their sound, they are not afraid to write songs that are much bigger than they should be amd that are brash and scream confidence. With their witty lyrical style and full-on party feel, the Inspector Cluzo manage to to avoid sounding like a band punching above their weight. ‘Fuck the Bass Player’ features Angelo Moore of Fishbone fame, and is a song about the general sexual and social failings of those poor bass players out there, who are always out shone by the rest of the band. This is certainly one of the stand-out tracks and brings the band's funky side out to a max. ‘Two Days’ has in its falsetto vocals and bone crunching riffs something that Rage Against the Machine would be proud of. Imagine if Zack De La Rocha had discovered disco instead of politics and you’re half way there. The Inspector Cluzo have elements of bands such as Cake and Eels with their off kilter and zany approach to music making. They are clearly not reading from anybody's rule book but their own and this is what makes them totally special. C’est bien.

Track Listing:-
1 The Inspector Cluzo
2 Change #1
3 Mad
4 Fuck The Bass Player
5 Do You Make It Right
6 Turtulututututu
7 Two Days
8 Yourself
9 Us Food
10 Yuppie Way Of Life Blues
11 Change #2

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