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Attic Lights - Friday Night Lights

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 10 / 11 / 2008

Attic Lights - Friday Night Lights
Label: Attic Lights
Format: CD


Uplifting indie pop on confident-sounding debut album from harmonic Scottish band, Attic Lights

Scottish band Attic Lights release their debut album and they are sure to gain a whole host of new fans with it. The five piece ooze melody and sweet vocal harmonies throughout the album. The influence of their producer and manager Francis MacDonald of the legendary Teenage Fanclub shines through, which is only a good thing as within about 2 and half songs they certainly sound like worthy successors to his band. With a similar style to the sunnier sounding post grunge/Indie-alternative bands of the early 90’s-think Lemonheads, BMX Bandits-these five Scots craft timeless-sounding songs which weave their way into your conscience upon first listen. Wendy’, ‘God’, ‘Walkie Talkie’ and ‘Bring You Down’ all show off gorgeous harmonies which even the Beach Boys would be proud of. This is the type of album that feels like it could have been made any time over the last 20 years. For a band on their first album they have a real confidence and really strong sound beyond their years. ‘Friday Night Lights’ is perfectly named and is a great album. It’s the sort of collection of songs that would get you in the mood for a night out, but it’s uplifting and gentle enough to cure your hangover the next morning.

Track Listing:-
1 Never Get Sick Of The Sea
2 Bring You Down (Album Version)
3 Wendy
4 Send Those Dark Eyes This Way
5 Nothing But Love
6 God
7 The Dirty Thirst
8 Walkie Talkie
9 Late Night Sunshine
10 Winter On

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