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William - Self in Fiction

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 6 / 7 / 2008

William - Self in Fiction
Label: Tough Love
Format: CD


Lyrically sixth form, but otherwise diverse new wave-influenced rock on debut album from indie guitar trio, William

William are a three piece that hail from Lewisham in London and Sidcup in Kent. Their debut album, ‘Self in Fiction’, which has been released on Coventry-based label Tough Love, kicks off with former single, ‘Five Minute Wonder’, which is very loud and fiery, something like an early Idlewild or the Wedding Present track. Singer Gavin Hounsley’s lyrics are somewhat sixth form, but equally so very blunt and down-to-earth. ‘Whoreditch’ and ‘DSI’ are both like fiery punk versions of Hefner or Bloc Party. ‘Thomowski’ is like a fast Television Personalities number, while ‘South of the Border’ features shouted vocals from Gavin and recalls the Pigeon Detectives. ‘Err...Lee’ is jangly and fast, but romantic and daydreaming in its lyrics. ‘Aperture’, is again jangling, but not so fast and works well because of it, ‘Playground’, which follows, is another former single, and sounds like Idlewild, but this time on speed. ‘Porco Dio Vs. Schweinehund’ is more uneven and jerky and, a new wave number in the style of Bloc Party, works especially well. ‘Hero’ ends the album. It is spunky and upbeat in an exciting way. The whole thing finishes off with two secret tracks, one which features a crackling record on a turntable with its needle at the end of a side refusing to lift off the deck, and the other which is a lovely acoustic guitar solo number.

Track Listing:-
1 Five Minute Wonder
2 Whoreditch
3 DS1
4 Thomowski
5 South of the Border
6 Errr... Lee
7 Aperture
8 Playground
9 Porco Dio vs Schweinehund
10 zhero

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