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Van Der Graaf Generator - Trisector

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 22 / 6 / 2008

Van Der Graaf Generator - Trisector
Label: EMI
Format: CD


Fine comeback album from 60's and 70's prog rock/psychedelic group Van Der Graaf Generator, who have reformed after nearly thirty years apart

‘Trisector’ is the comeback album from Van Der Graaf Generator. After playing a few shows last year, the 60’s and 70’s prog rock/psychedelic group went back into the studio to record a few new tracks which they had previewed at those shows. The band are now back to a stripped down version of their 1968 line-up and consists of singer Peter Hammill, organist Guy Evans and drummer Hugh Banton. It opens with ‘The Hurly Burly’ which is an instrumental number and begins sounding like Pink Floyd at their most experimental before eventually developing more of a cool late 60’s rock vibe. ‘Interference Patterns’ is a big prog rock number with a vocal from Hammill that sounds like Peter Gabriel when he was in Genesis. ‘The Final Reel’ is a smooth and mature-sounding late night jazz number, while ‘Lifetime’ has a cool Hammond groove, surprising New Order-style bass and a haunting vocal that sounds like late 60’s-era Bowie. ‘Drop Dead’ again has a Hammond groove and massive drums and edgy guitar. There is an angry Iggy–style vocal, and the whole track sounds like a combination of an experimental and jazzy Doors and Scott Walker in his most desperate hour. ‘All That Before’ is a prog metal number with a touch of 60’s experimental weirdness thrown in.‘Over the Hill’ oddly recalls a modern indie act iLiKETRAiNS on downers. It is also twelve and a half minutes long, and, as it picks up pace, sounds increasingly again like an experimental version of the Doors. ‘When The Music's Over’ has big organ grooves, while Hammill's vocals sound on it somewhere between Scott Walker and 60s Bowie. ‘(We Are) Not Here’ is a big late 60’s piece of experimental prog rock groove with a vocal on it like Nick Cave or Scott Walker again at their most desperate.

Track Listing:-
1 The Hurlyburly
2 Interference Patterns
3 The Final Reel
4 Lifetime
5 Drop Dead
6 Only In A Whisper
7 All That Before
8 Over The Hill
9 (We Are) Not Here

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