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Alex Gomez - Outdoor Kitchen

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 7 / 6 / 2008

Alex Gomez - Outdoor Kitchen
Label: Deltaelectric Records
Format: CD


Energetic and thunderous in tone but ultimately directionless latest album from blues-punk guitarist Alex Gomez

If you like the sound of someone seriously torturing the blues you will probably love this album from Alex Gomez. Somewhere under it all there may be a traditional blues chord progression. You can almost hear one briefly on opening track ‘One Tequila More’. After this though the rest of the album is spent in what seems like a deliberate attempt to infuriate blues traditionalists. Mostly the songs involve Gomez’s snarling guitar being seemingly stuck in almost permanent solo mode. On top of this his vocals alternate between guttural growling and high pitched wails. It can be a bit trying after a while. Gomez has one of the most punk approaches to the blues out there at the moment. With just guitar, vocals and a lo-fi aesthetic, it is raw to the point of being bloody. Despite his boundless energy 'Outdoor Kitchen' could have done with a bit more direction. The continual guitar snarl means none of the songs really settle down into anything resembling a tune. Over the course of the album this means they all tend to blur into each other after a while and the whole thing resembles something of an extended jam session. If only a small amount of restraint and structure had been placed on tracks like ‘Down the Bayou’ and ‘Smile Now’ this could be great. But Gomez is clearly not in mood for the slightest amount of either restraint or structure. Which for sheer bloody mindedness you do have to respect.

Track Listing:-
1 One Tequila More
2 Devil Candy
3 Wake Up Call
4 Smile Now
5 I Can't Tell
6 Working Girls
7 Come with Me
8 Sextacy
9 Road to Hell
10 Down the Bayou

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