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Padma - Here

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 7 / 5 / 2008

Padma - Here
Label: Just Music
Format: CD


Gentle and meditative acoustic pop from practising Buddhist Padma, who wrote many of the songs for it while hitchhiking around Britain and Europe

Padma is a British solo artist who is also a practising Buddhist. This has led him to hitch hike around England and even into Europe and it was while he was on these travels, sleeping rough and in forests, that he penned many of the songs on ‘Here’. Padma’s songs are softly sung and personal tales delivered in a beautiful way that is reminiscent of Nick Drake, or a more mystical Jack Johnson. Songs like ‘Spacefood & Balloons’, ‘Song for an Entryphone’ and 'Ballard of G and Eva’ are a wonderful glimpse into one man's personal journey and the ups and downs he’s been through. With most of the music being stripped down to just acoustic guitars and vocals it can be a bit too much, if you are not totally relaxed, but then again it serves well to allow you to do this. It is a collection of songs which is worth being with and losing yourself in. Songs like ‘Waiting for Dolma’ and ‘Buddha Energy’ are a bit more spaced out and psychedelic which shows another side to this gentle singer/songwriter and adds to the mystery and attraction of him. He’s certainly an inspiring individual who to those who discover him will certainly be a great find.

Track Listing:-
1 Half a Person
2 Spacefood & Balloons
3 Pilot
4 Song for an Entryphone
5 I Don't Think So
6 Throw My Drugs Away
7 Waiting for Dolma
8 Dawn
9 Funny
10 Ballad of G & Eva
11 All the Fish
12 When You Don't Really Like Yourself
13 Firelight Dance
14 Buddha Energy

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