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We Are Scientists - Academy, Manchester, 15/4/2008

  by Helen Tipping

published: 20 / 4 / 2008

We Are Scientists - Academy, Manchester, 15/4/2008


With their off-beat humour, stage banter and anthemic dance tunes, Helen Tipping asks why hardworking American band We Are Scientists still aren't better known after watching them play an enthralling set at the Academy in Manchester

We Are Scientists usually put on a good live show and can be relied upon to be entertaining above and beyond the usual gig. Their funny interjections and banter are almost better than the songs. This time around we were treated to finding out that the dinosaurs died out due as a result of low self esteem in the intro to 'Dinosaurs', and also singing happy birthday to new drummer Adam Aaranson. We had to join in that one. The set list was filled with quite a few numbers off the new album, 'Brain Thrust Mastery', which was good as I hadn’t had an opportunity to hear it, but equally there were enough recognisable tunes for people to sing along and dance to. We Are Scientists opened with 'Ghouls', which left some of the crowd a little confused, but as soon as they recognised the next track, 'Nobody Move', the crowd were moving. The reception for We Are Scientists was enthusiastic and that was noted by the band. There was crowd surfing and shoe throwing and all round entertainment – balloons were even tied to Adam’s drum kit for the encore. We Are Scientists are hardworking and appear to have been touring the UK constantly for the past 2 years with sell out shows, They aren’t a second rate band, but the way that hardly anyone despite this seems to have heard of them is pretty unfortunate and due for a change. The photographs that accompanybthis article were taken by Neil Bailey exlusively for Pennyblackmusic.

Picture Gallery:-
We Are Scientists - Academy, Manchester, 15/4/2008

We Are Scientists - Academy, Manchester, 15/4/2008

We Are Scientists - Academy, Manchester, 15/4/2008

We Are Scientists - Academy, Manchester, 15/4/2008

We Are Scientists - Academy, Manchester, 15/4/2008

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