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Various - Anthems from the Phantom

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 10 / 12 / 2007

Various - Anthems from the Phantom
Label: Phantom Power Records
Format: CD


Eclectic new fourteen song compilation from Sheffield-based label Phantom Power Records which includes tracks from the Repomen, Screaming Mimi and Deltasound, and has something for all tastes

Phantom Power Records is a Sheffield based record label. The label has already put out four releases by the Repomen, Screaming Mimi and Balor Kinghts. Their fifth release is a fourteen bands' compilation called ‘Anthems From the Phantom’. The first song on the album reminded me of the time when I used to go to a kids camp in the Czech Republic which is where I come from. We used to sit around fire in the evening. Someone would play a guitar (not me!) and everyone would sing along. This is what that song, ‘Share your Kit’, by Pete Green is like. It’s “just” a guitar and vocals with a simple tune and lyrics that you can follow from the first listen. The next track ‘Dirtypillowslip’ by Screaming Mimi is more complex and definitely much more powerful. The lead singer Loretta Chantry's voice lives up to the vigorous music and after a few lines becomes completely captivating. Background vocals give the song a spooky feel. It becomes addictive the more you play it… Deltasound are a fairly new band from Newcastle. Their song,‘Attachment’, is one of the stand out tracks on the compilation. The song starts with clean-sounding music lead by bass. Singer Jonjo McNeill's voice then steps in taking charge. There is a great bass solo at the end of the song which brings it to an almost electrifying end. The tracks, ‘Rolling News’ by Former Toys and ‘TV and Radio’ by Y’r Impossible, were a little disappointing. Perhaps I found them a little monotonous and at time too experimental for their own good. The song ‘Tonight’ by Repomen has a sparkly and edgy tune. After a slightly subdued start, the song kicks off with great strength. Another great track from the Phantoms! ‘My Little Pony’ by Interiors has a lot of the Jesus and Mary Chain in it with its spills of feedback. I’m not a big fan of the vocals on this song. The singer’s voice is very clear and has potential, but she shouts out the words rather than sings which is not my kind of thing. It might be yours though. The album wraps up with a song called ‘Everyone’s Fault But Mine’ by Lardpony which concludes the album in a similar style as the first song. Phantom Anthems has some great music. The great thing about the compilation is that each song has something unique to it so it’s almost impossible you won’t find anything that you can fall for. The compilation is also a taster and as Phantom Power are calling it a blueprint of the label's future. I have played it sveral times now and I believe it’s looking good.

Track Listing:-
1 Pete Green- Share Your Kit
2 Screaming Mimi- Dirtypillowslip
3 Beangrowers- Star In Monaco
4 Deltasound- Attachment
5 Former Toys- Rolling News
6 RepoMen- Tonight
7 Dark Sparks- Bullet In The Eye
8 Y'r Impossible- TV And Radio
9 The Hatrack Hangers- The Button Society
10 The Interiors- My Little Pony
11 Plans & Apologies- Wirez, Man
12 Balor Knights- Before The Marketeers / Pity Hands
13 Art Department- Lottery Fashionista
14 Lardpony- Everyone's Fault But Mine

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