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Vietnam - Vietnam

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 9 / 11 / 2007

Vietnam - Vietnam
Label: Kemado
Format: CD


Unpolished, loud and straight from the heart country blues rock on first album from surprisingly rural sounding New York band VietNam

The name of this band should be regarded as a sinister reference in time, I suppose; VietNam is all about the late 1960's, early 1970's. The Brooklyn, New York band finally see their debut album released in the UK as well, having met with considerable success with college radio and press in the US upon its February release there. An unsuspecting listener might take VietNam for a band from the south of the US because of it bluesy rock sound which is drenched in a slightly psychotic puddle of anger and loneliness. VietNam's very direct approach melts well with a traditional country rock sound, apart from one or two weaker tracks. This is Brooklyn's answer to British pub rock from the 1970's too in a sense. VietNam bring the contemporary country rock equivalent of 'urban folk' - they're city boys on a rural mission. Recording in Los Angeles is another reason from the geographical disorientation. Unpolished, loud and straight from the heart. Rory Gallagher would have liked this album I reckon.

Track Listing:-
1 Step On Inside
2 Priest, Poet, & The Pig
3 Apocalypse
4 Mr. Goldfinger
5 Toby
6 Gabe
7 Welcome To My Room
8 Hotel Riverview
9 Summer In The City
10 Too Tired

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