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Lady and the Lost Boys - Lady and the Lost Boys 1

  by Matt Williams

published: 20 / 10 / 2007

Lady and the Lost Boys - Lady and the Lost Boys 1


Matt Williams photographs alternative rock/shoegazing act Lady and the Lost Boys at a rehearsal at singer Annabel Jones's family home...

I have a theory that approximately every few years the local scene produces something truly extraordinary. Here is the story... Tom Andrews gets in touch with me saying that he's a fan of my work and asking if I would take photos of his band. Being my usual arrogant self I'm thinking maybe. I'm seeing Arthur that night. Lady and the Lost Boys are supporting. I'll take my camera, see what I think. In I wander halfway through the first song trying to be cool about it all and fucking bang! I'm hit by Annabel Jones's incredible voice. I'm instantly in love with those dulcet tones. She sounds incredible, original, powerful, complemented by three talented musicians, who are unusually lacking a guitar, but their sound doesn't need it. I'm loading film as fast as I can trying to catch every available moment. This is special. I instantly know this is one of those shows people will talk about. It will become legendary. I want to be a part of this ! It transpires my good friend Robin Pearson is playing bass. I had no idea. He is a talented photographer in his own right and a dynamic musician. Chris Banner is playing drums, a seasoned pro despite still being in his teens. It is not the first time we'd spoken, but the first time I'd appreciated what he does. Passionate about music, Chris will go onto open my ears over the following months. Tom is playing piano, distinguishing the music from other bands on the scene. I am humbled. Weeks later and they've kindly allowed me to a rehearsal at Annabel's home. I wear my Russian hat. I meet Annabel's kind family. They rehearse and write. I take photos and try to blend into the background. Chris asks me about my strange looking cameras. I try not to distract him. The house feeds strength and character into the band. Annabel's addictive lyrics seem to take substance from it. The first band I've cared about, I want my photos to represent them. I want them to like the images I produce. Normally I don't give a fuck. Now I am a fan, I want to give something back. I want my creativity to be fed from their creativity. I want my pictures to tell people how great they are. I see them weeks later in Shoreditch. I'm meant to be flying to Scotland but I put it off for a day so I can make the show. I speak to Annabel's mum for hours before they take the stage. We talk about society and education, art and photography, her children and my parents. The band don't feel the show goes well. The crowd disagree. The band think they sound bad. They think they messed up. The crowd are silent, intent and focused. Although their heads are down I'm left in no doubt that they have more fans by the end of the evening. http://www.myspace.com/ladyandthelostboys

Picture Gallery:-
Lady and the Lost Boys - Lady and the Lost Boys 1

Lady and the Lost Boys - Lady and the Lost Boys 1

Lady and the Lost Boys - Lady and the Lost Boys 1

Lady and the Lost Boys - Lady and the Lost Boys 1

Lady and the Lost Boys - Lady and the Lost Boys 1

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92 Posted By: tobias hayes, london on 12 Nov 2007
matt youre a talented imaginative man.

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