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Lightning Dust - Lightning Dust

  by Andrew Carver

published: 22 / 7 / 2007

Lightning Dust - Lightning Dust
Label: Jagjaguwar
Format: CD


Spooky, languidly beautiful debut offering from Lightning Dust, the new band of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells who are best known for their work as part of Stephen McBean’s Black Mountain/Pink Mountaintops project

Amber Webber and Joshua Wells are best known for their work as part of Stephen McBean’s Black Mountain/Pink Mountaintops project. ‘Lightning Dust’ can be enjoyed by fans of those acts, but it’s a more intimate affair, a spooky, warbling work suitable for dimmed rooms and downcast days. Free from her role as backing singer, Webber can pull out all the vocal stops and let her trembling voice loose over a spare bed of strummed guitar and electric piano. Her singing invokes the emotional frailty of early Cat Power (Wells’ vocal contribution on the duet ‘Jump In’ is merely serviceable). The tremolo- and reverb-heavy piano suggests a budget version of Pink Floyd circa ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, particularly when linked to the plodding bass of ‘Take Me Back’. It’s not all doom and gloom: ‘Wind Me Up’ is a bouncy number, even if the plaintive lyrics ask “Why did you take the love I gave and give it away?” The languid feel of ‘Lightning Dust’ should also appeal to fans of Balaklava and Mazzy Star.

Track Listing:-
1 Listened On
2 When You Go
3 Wind Me Up
4 Take Me Back
5 Jump In
6 Heaven
7 Castles and Caves
8 Highway
9 Breathe
10 Days Go By

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