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Amplified Heat - Amplified Heat

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 9 / 7 / 2007

Amplified Heat - Amplified Heat
Label: Arclights
Format: CDS


Uneasy combination of blues and hard rock on re-released debut EP from American group Amplified Heat

Poised uneasily between blues rock and out and out hard rock, Amplified Heat occasionally come to life on this re-released debut EP. Generally though they seem to be caught in two minds, unsure whether to go all guns blazing into rock or to tread a more measured path. Their cause is not helped by the sound quality here, which is far from the best. Stand out track ‘I Don’t Care’ is almost lost under muddied production. When the band take on a tale of a ‘Contrabandista’ on the run from police they again end up lost in a fuzz. Occasionally the fug clears as a gloriously sharp, driving guitar solo slices through it, only to reappear when the vocals kick back in. Taking blues and shaking it out of its old man on a porch clichés can lead to great things as a whole host of bands have shown. Amplified Heat are another potential addition to that group, but this release doesn’t find them living up to their potential.

Track Listing:-
1 Heart Attack
2 I Dont Care
3 Bi-Polar
4 Mornings Warning
5 Contrabandista
6 She Drank That Wine
7 Dead Man Walkin'

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