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Amiina - Kurr

  by Helen Tipping

published: 4 / 7 / 2007

Amiina - Kurr
Label: Ever Records
Format: CD


Unemotional and repetitive-sounding debut album from much hyped Icelandic all girl group, Amiina

Amiina are four Icelandic women; Sólrún, María, Edda and Hildur, each of whom play a variety of instruments. My listening experience starts off fairly well, the music is appealing– using unusual instruments, repetition and building up of sound. After a while though, the music starts to sound quite samey, and I lose my concentration on the task of reviewing and start to think about other unrelated things. Some of the songs remind me of the theme tune to Camberwick Green, all are jingly and ethereal. There’s a real purity of sound to them, and maybe that’s the problem. I start to long for some grungy, snarling guitars, but only get the plinking of melting ice dripping into freezing pools. It could be incidental music in a documentary on wildlife beyond the Arctic Circle. I can’t fault the production or the quality of sound on this album. All I can say is it’s not for me. It is too twee and unemotional and somehow I can’t get the picture of Windy Miller winding the titles up at the end of the show out of my head.

Track Listing:-
1 Sogg
2 Rugla
3 Glámur
4 Seoul
5 Lúpína
6 Hilli
7 Sexfaldur
8 Kolapot
9 Saga
10 Lóri
11 Bláfeldur
12 Boga
13 Intro 2007 (Bonus Track)

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