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Guile - EP

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 9 / 5 / 2007

Guile - EP
Label: Guile Music
Format: CDS


American-influenced distorted guitar rock on first release from new Midlands-based band Guile

Guile are a new group featuring brothers Neal and Jon Sawyer. Both play guitar, and Neal sings as well. The band also features Adam Shaw on bass and Jase on drums. They have worked with producer Gavin Monaghan, who has worked with the Cure, the Smiths and the Editors. Guile hail from the Midlands, but their music has an American feel. Their self-titled debut EP opens with ‘Rock ‘n'Roll’ which,with its blazing guitars and in its energy, sounds very much like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the time of their 2002 single ‘Whatever Happened to My Rock'n'Roll’. The mid 8 has a mushy Stooges feel to it which just sucks you in even deeper. ‘I Walk Alone’ is acoustic and, much softer, is religious in its overtones. It recalls Black Rebel Motorcycle Club again but now at the time of their 2005 album ‘Howl’, and it also has elements of early Dylan and Cash. Even this, however, has a very moody pace to it, with added psychedelic guitar in the background giving it a Spiritualized feel. ‘Love Around Here’ is the stand out track. Neal sounds on its like an angry Ian McNabb, singing in the style of Dylan. ‘140 Hurts’ ends the EP. It sounds like an acoustic Jesus and Mary Chain, and is eerie and echoing. They are definitely a band to watch.

Track Listing:-
1 We Ain't Got Far To Go
2 This Is Something
3 Head In The Clouds
4 Arms
5 Upbeat Beatdown
6 Get Up Moving

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