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Ill Ease - All Systems A Go-Go

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 22 / 4 / 2007

Ill Ease - All Systems A Go-Go
Label: Cochan Records
Format: CD


Snappy political rock on fifth album, the moniker for drummer and multi-instrumentalist Elizabeth Sharp, which has an element of the blues

Women drummers owe a lot to Mo Tucker but Elizabeth Sharp, who has the artist name of Ill Ease, hits just a little harder than the godmother herself, as she does the vocals as well, knows how to pluck those bass snares and strum the guitar, This line from the press sheet really says it all: "(..) the unique combination of an all-female one-woman band (..)". Buy one CD and get 5 women musicians for free! Mrs Sharp is sharp in every sense of the word too, as her lyrics bash out full-frontal attacks on matters that need to be addressed to in such fashion. The two-party politics; the sexual politics, they're all there on this extended EP - you in fact get alternate versions of two tracks, 'Too Much Sucky (I Hate Drum Machines!)' and 'New York,London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan'. This CD on Cochon- French for pig - works like a twelve inch EP from a 1980's actionist outfit. This collection of restless rattles takes off like a storm. Banging the drums in the echelons of Brooklyn, New York, Mrs Sharp fills the air with clearly defined anger and in your face words, including the popular verb which starts with an f. Her experience from playing in a couple of bands, including New Radiant Storm King, paid off on this, her fifth album, which has excitement everywhere; provocative lyrics with an underlying truth, and exuberant rhythms. 'All Systems A-Go-Go' is most coherent effort, snappiest being the next superlative to spring to mind. Her comment reflects the life of a New York citoyen, not terribly pleased with the reality of political life. That reality becomes bearable exactly because of music like from Ill Ease. In reality this is what the blues music once represented; rejoicing in today's misery with happy music.

Track Listing:-
1 Too Much Sucky (I Hate Drum Machines)
2 New York No Wave
3 New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan
4 The Two Party System
5 The New You
6 One Hell Of A Bender
7 Walking Pneumonia
8 Power Turns Me On
9 I Love Drum Machines (Napoleon III Remix)
10 NY, London, Paris (Subtitle Remix)

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