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Forget Cassettes - Salt

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 21 / 4 / 2007

Forget Cassettes - Salt
Label: Tangled Up
Format: CD


Angst-ridden emo rock from new Nashville-based band Forget Cassettes, which, despite being a little too contrived for its own good, proves suprisingly catchy

Forget Cassettes could be on to a winner here. With anguish burnt into it deep as a brand on a prize bull’s butt, the shoegazey guitar swirls,open-wound vocals and all-encompassing angst of 'Salt' should make it a titanic hit with creatively inclined teens needing something intense to write their bad poetry along to. But wait. For all their noise and pain and bluster, there’s something strangely clear-headed about this lot. Check out their website biography. Slick and thorough as a corporate presentation, it helpfully displays booking and agent details and even explains that salt is used as a flavouring and a preservative. Really, dig under suicide-note sleeve design,anti-depressant munching lyrics and Alanis Morrisette soul-searching and odds-on you're looking at a business studies degree. Or at least a parent with one. C'mon FG - prove us wrong. No one begrudges a band going about the business of making money in a professional manner but, tragic little hypocrites that we are, we don’t like them being too obvious about it. Keep your professionalism a grubby little secret, FG, and go about your businee in a more Pete Doherty-esque and it could get you a lot more kudos. Saying that, when Salt’s jagged, addictively hooky triumvirate of 'Quiero Quieres', 'Salt And Syncope', and 'Tabula Rasa' become the mega-hits they deserve to be, we doubt you’ll be interested in anyone’s advice. And quite right too.

Track Listing:-
1 Venison
2 Quiero, Quieres
3 The Catch
4 Nicholas
5 My Maraschino
6 Lonely Does It
7 Patience, Beth (Reprise)
8 Salt And Syncope
9 Tabula Rasa
10 Sleeper

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