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Joy Surrender - Boxer Broadcast

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 5 / 4 / 2007

Joy Surrender - Boxer Broadcast
Label: Joy Surrender
Format: CDS


Simple, but effective post hardcore on debut single from new Derby-based band Joy Surrender

Joy Surrender are a band from Derby and comprise of several former members of a number of bands who have had the privilege of playing alongside such great modern post hardcore British bands as Reuben, Hell is for Heroes, Funeral for a Friend and This Girl among others. Being a big fan of all of the bands mentioned I was excited to hear what the Midland youngsters had to offer. As soon as ‘Boxer Broadcast’ kicked in I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. With a guitar sound that fills a room it is certain that the boys had been taking notes while in their previous bands and have learned a few things along the way. Joy Surrender are a band with great potential, but, however they offer nothing particularly new. Ross Storey's heartfelt and well sung lyrics sit next to leadweight riffs from Chris Seddon's guitar and backing vocalist Nick Finney’s bass lines. All these are held together perfectly by Gem Seddon's pounding drum work. The band may not be boundary pushing but they are damn good at what they do. There are definite shades of Funeral for a Friend and Hell is for Heroes here. Being lucky enough to be able to write about many new bands, I hear a lot of good stuff, a lot of bad stuff and a lot of British stuff. My initial reaction to Joy Surrender's songs within seconds of the start of each track was “Thank God, a British band who plug their guitars in and turn it up to 11”. We are over run with band who seem to have forgotten to plug in when playing music. Joy Surrender, much to my admiration, are not afraid to embrace the louder end of the musical spectrum. Rather like their heroes, these guys keep it simple and the result is really effective with big no- nonsense riffs throughout. The two B-sides, ‘The Waiting’ and ‘Chas HQ’, show similar traits to the main track, but at no point do you forget which song is which. I hope any more material they come up with follows suit. If it does I could see this band competing with the best of them.

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