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Alcian Blue - Alcian Blue

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 27 / 11 / 2006

Alcian Blue - Alcian Blue
Label: Elephant Stone
Format: CD


Excellent one and only album from Gothic-influenced Washington DC-based indie rockers Alcian Blue, who broke up this summer shortly after recording it

I had never heard of this Washington DC band before but their self-titled CD is pure gold. While they first formed in 1996, and released a number of now rare EPs, it is their one and only album, as they broke up shortly after recording it. 'Alcian Blue' opens with 'Horizons,' which is like an eerie instrumental Sergio Leone theme from a spaghetti western. As it slowly moves on, it develops a Gothic Cure-style rhythm. When singer Jake Reid's vocals at last kick in at around the two minute mark, he sounds like Peter Murphy from Bauhaus. From here on in it is dramatic and black-edged with layers of dark wave flavours. '71705' starts off with a drum machine and sounds like the Cure at the time of their 'Faith' album in 1981. Jake's vocals sound like Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. 'You Just Disappear' is from a similar place both musically and vocally, but has a smoother and faster beat. 'Night Sky' is very slow to start once more and again sounds like something off 'Faith' until a Slowdive vocal joins in. It is total bliss. 'Frozen Sleep' has an inaudible vocal and sounds like an industrial Slowdive, while 'Caroline' recalls Mojave 3. 'This Day, This Age' sounds like Primal Scream at the time of their 'Vanishing Point and 'Xtrmntr' albums. 'Turn Away' is somewhere between Goth and Slowdive, while 'See You Shine' sounds like a cross between a trendy shoegazing track and a mid 80's indie number. The moody 'Terminal Escape', which closes the album, recollects the Jesus and Mary Chain and has Ian Curtis style vocals from Jake. This is a truly wonderful CD. Absolutely lovely !

Track Listing:-
1 Horizons
2 71705
3 You Just Disappear
4 Night Sky
5 Frozen Sleep
6 Caroline
7 This Day This Age
8 Turn Away
9 See You Shine
10 Terminal Escape

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