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Answer - Under the Sky

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 4 / 10 / 2006

Answer - Under the Sky
Label: Albert Productions
Format: CDS


Latest single from Irish savious of rock the Answer

'Under the Sky' is the latest single set to take the dance floors/mosh pits/bedrooms by storm by Irish rock saviours the Answer. The band have been much hailed in pretty much every music mag this side of Mix Mag and quite rightly so. The Answer are bringing real no frills rock ‘n roll back in the way most people thought the Darkness were doing a few years ago. While the Darkness who I like but always have a hint of novelty about them, the Answer are well and truly the band to hold a torch for great rock ‘n roll. Like fellow countrymen Thin Lizzy they play some brilliant music, which is great to just rock out to. Nothing more, nothing less ! They really capture that classic rock vibe that only certain bands can pull off without sounding ironic, stupid or like pretenders. And these guys rock. 'Under the Sky' is also the first track to the band's eagerly anticipated album 'Rise' and it’s easy to see why you would open an album with this song. It really sets the tone for what the band are about and hopefully the rest of the album will hold up to this. Also on the single is a live version of 'The Doctors' which gives you a great idea of what a great spectacle the Answer must be live, and it really gives you a lot of hope that the rest of their songs on the new album hold up to the glory of 'Under the Sky'. The second B-side 'I Won’t Let You Down' is a much slower number, which shows off the band's mellower side. To be honest I was not as keen on this song after hearing the other two, but I strongly believe that I would have liked it more if I had heard it first. The truth , however, is I was just wanting some more rocking out after hearing the other songs. It is clear from this single that The Answer really are something special and thoroughly deserve to be well and truly thrust out of the bars and clubs or Ireland and into the bigger venues of Great Britain and hopefully soon the entire world. Rock on !

Track Listing:-
1 Under The Sky (Radio Edit)
2 The Doctor (Live Session)
3 I Won't Let You Down

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