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An Albatross - Blessphemy (Of The Peace-Beast Feastgiver And The Bear Warp Kumite)

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 24 / 9 / 2006

An Albatross - Blessphemy (Of The Peace-Beast Feastgiver And The Bear Warp Kumite)
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Mind-shattering combination of psychedelia and punk, and ska and soul on snappy debut album from An Albatross, who draw comparisions in their diversity with both the Dillinger Escape Plan and Minutemen

You think you could still do the yaketty-yak in 2006? I guess you could indeed with An Albatross in your record collection. Where speedcore meets up with unmistakenly witty orchestrations - think easy tune arrangements and ska-like go-giddies up- An Albatross just might have delivered with this zany brew this year's best album. And, for that matter, I genuinely would like to know Captain Beefheart's opinion on 'Blessphemy (of the Peace Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite)'. Frankly speaking; this 'Blessphemy' makes PJ Harvey sound like Céline Dion. 'Blessphemy' truly works like the mind-shattering experience it is. Blasting out loudly whilst incorporating elements of brass and soul music - sped up to the max of course - there seems to be no end to the imagination of An Albatross. 'Blessphemy' features just under 20 tracks at just under 30 minutes. As it should. The keyword to 'Blessphemy' is chemistry, of sound. Even when An Albatross shares little in common with either, they reminded me of first hearing The Dillinger Escape Plan and Minutemen. Happy as a kid, unable to write anything other than feeling compelled to start playing this album once again, I love An Albatross.

Track Listing:-
1 In The Court Of The Bear King
2 Lysergically Yours, My Psychadelic Bride
3 Dimensional Gymnastics
4 Trust The Sun, The Symphonic Sunrise
5 Divine Birthrite (Maiden Voyage Of The Grape Ape)
6 I) Behold The Light
7 II) Profane Illumination
8 III) The Illumination Of The Nation
9 Tossin' And Turnin' All Night
10 Hairobics
11 Ballad Of The Electric Coyote
12 I Will Swim Into The Lazer Eye
13 Feastgiver
14 Cosmic Gypsy
15 Sacred Geometry
16 Death Rides A Brown Horse
17 Stormbringer
18 Eyes Of The Jaguar

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