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Champion Kickboxer - Perforations

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 23 / 9 / 2006

Champion Kickboxer - Perforations
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Perfect pop music on debut album from Sheffield band Champion Kickboxer, whose sense melody, clever hooks and lyrics have similarities with Blur, Pulp and the Kinks

Pretty much the record that would make John Peel rise up from his grave, Champion Kickboxer's album, 'Perforations', genuinely is one which will make critics tick. Out of the blue comes a band with an album that's mature; holds a well balanced sound, and is graced with plenty of melody, clever hooks and sensible lyrics. Add bits of Blur, Pulp and the Kinks; hustle up and there you have it! - Champion Kickboxer just prepared your best dish (ever). It is needless to delve in to this album any further. 'Perforations' is the type of album you may not like in the beginning - and that's your/my own fault! Yet, after your other albums have worn out, the superiority of 'Perforations' shall withstand the evil forces from multi-national multi-media corporations. Champion Kickboxer's humble beginnings lead to great music and if 'Perforations' should prove to be their last release, then history will be on their side. I didn't mention Blur, Pulp and the Kinks for nothing. Champion Kickboxer would qualify for their league. You'll be left pondering how a kickboxer could ever have recorded an album of such eloquency and sophistication. So did I. Traditional pop music has found a new home in Sheffield. City of Roses, wasn't it?

Track Listing:-
1 Io
2 Get On Up
3 Perforations
4 Maximum
5 Frog And Mouse
6 Like Him + Her + Her + Me
7 Language
8 Thinking
9 Exhaustion Rules
10 Supertram
11 Like Him + Her + Her + Me (Alternate Version)

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