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Johnny Panic - Happy Together

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 21 / 8 / 2006

Johnny Panic - Happy Together
Label: Select Label
Format: 7"


Catcny new doube "A sided" single from London rockers Johnny Panic, who have the potential to be one of gthe next big British rock bands

This is the new single from London rockers Johnny Panic. Now I could save myself 20 minutes or so, and you the good, good reader of this, the 5 minutes it would take to read this piece with the following sentence: 'Happy Together' is that cover of that 60’s song from that N Power advert with the cricket fans, football fans and those very strange flame people things. There you go, you’ve heard it, you know it, you’ve probably had it in your head several times this week. It would, however, do the band a great injustice for me to end it there, so I will precede to tell you how great this band are. The fact of the matter is that I had written this review without the help of the “intereweb” or whatever it’s called, to help we with minor research details like band members' names etc. With that in mind my next sentence was running along the lines of this is a fantastic cover, but the “b-side” is just as catchy, just as memorable, and this could quite easily be a double A-side. A quick visit to www.johnnypanic.com revealed my hidden talents as a record exec. As this is precisely what it is. A “double- A-side” single. And good for them for doing this. 'I Live For' oozes hard rocking, heart felt hooks from singer/guitarist Rob Solly and guitarist Matt James, that really do stick in your head as much as the cover song. It really is one of those singles you annoy whoever you live with, as once the two songs are over you flick right back through them. Johnny Panic, however, may have sneakily won themselves many new fans, who normally wouldn’t stray much further than the Radio 1 dial, or 'The X-Factor' when looking for music. And quite frankly this is good. The more people that hear this song and go “I wonder who sings that, it’s rather good” the better as far as I’m concerned, even if some of them are lazy music consumers. I just hope they do take the two minutes it takes to look them up on the internet, and if you are one of those then here it is again: www.johnnypanic.com. There you go I’ve saved you another minute and a half of the 5 minutes or so I warned you about earlier. Don’t say I don’t give you anything. Johnny Panic have the potential to be one of the next big British rock bands, with Johnny Shock on drums and recently acquired bassist/backing vocalist Sean Mannion. I really hope they do so. They have the big choruses and no-nonsense rocking of Terrovision but the political awareness also of the likes of the Manic Street Preachers. Go and buy this, and get this annoying everyone in Britain. These guys deserve all the success they get. Now to those of you good enough to read past N Power adverts, myself and Johnny Panic wholeheartedly, thank you for that 5 minutes of your life. Now turn on your telly because the adverts will be on in a second.

Track Listing:-
1 Happy Together
2 I Live For

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