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Seth Tiven - Solitude

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 18 / 7 / 2006

Seth Tiven - Solitude
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Impressive Americana on debut solo album from Dumptruck frontman Seth Tiven

Seth Tiven is the main guy behind Dumptruck, a great U.S. band whom toured Britain back in 1987 and have never returned. ‘Solitude’ is a solo album but sounds very much like Dumptruck. It even features Kirk Swan of Dumptruck and their original drummer Mark Mulcahy, who appeared on their debut album, ’D...Is for Dumptruck’, and has since gone on to record several albums for the Loose label as a solo artist. ‘Solitude’ kicks off with ‘Believe’, which is very laid back and pleasant, but also very engaging acoustic Americana. While this is not Dumptruck it still has all the trademarks of that band. ‘Salad Days’ is more full on and electric based. Dumptruck were every bit as strong as early R.E.M, and ‘Salad Days’ is jangly with a strong vocal and a brilliant guitar solo. ‘Bought and Sold’ is up there with every great US great song ever written. It has a driving rhythm, a pure heart, soul, swaying guitars and a clear crisply delivered vocal, It is lovely. ‘Everybody Says’ features more brilliant songwriting, and an even better performance musically to back it. ‘Better than Nothing’ is rocking, perfect Americana with some pleasant organ to fill out the sound. ‘Some Brighter Days’ has a country twang and a slow beat to it, but ‘Sechelt’, while excellent, in contrast seems a little misplaced, being based around mandolin and clarinet, and sounding like the soundtrack to a Woody Allen film. ‘Memories Faded’ sounds like the Willard Grant Conspiracy but without Robert Fisher’s husky vocals. ‘One of These Days’ is mellower, and quite country-sounding with perfect backing harmonies. ‘Tourniquet’ is a thrashy rock'n'roll number, and is very loud. 'Solitude', the title track which closes the album, is similarly loud and moody and well played.

Track Listing:-
1 Believe
2 Salad Days
3 Bought and Sold
4 Everybody Says
5 Better Than Nothing
6 Some Brighter Days
7 Sechelt
8 Memories Faded
9 One of These Days
10 Tourniquet
11 Solitude

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