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John Maus - Songs

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 18 / 7 / 2006

John Maus - Songs
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Odd retro new wave on debut album from singer-songwriter John Maus, who has previously collaborated with both Ariel Pink and the Animal Collective

A grand church organ playing kicks off this odd little album but then next comes the type of late 20th Century new wave that really old music lovers might know from singles on the Absurd Records label. Reason has it that John Maus is yet another retro star and his album sounds rather like the music from a 1979 John Peel Show. If you ever were into Gerry and The Holograms, the Passage or a band like that, rest assured that John Maus offers music quite familiar to your ears. Just where John Maus - which translates as mouse in the German language whilst being pronounced exactly the same too - emerged from isn't really clear but his hang up definitely comes from his parents' record collection, as automatically is the case with any retro new wave artist. Since allied to Ariel Pink, this muddy and distant John Maus sound comes as no surprise. But at least John Maus uses noise reduction, unlike Ariel Pink whose style element has now got on my nerve officially. Album track number nine, 'I'm Only Human', even has the bite and grip so desperately lacking in today's new wave retro, thanks to its magnificent keyboard riff. A must check for fans of the Doors and the Stranglers! For this album John Maus has produced quite a few wacky lines and 'Songs' should be taken with a grain of salt. His lyrics are of a pretty pessimistic nature and, therefore, immaculately appropriate to the 1980s of course. John Maus is none other than a clever cashier; these days new wave retro music sells well and his effort isn't that weak at all.

Track Listing:-
1 Opening
2 Time To Die
3 Don't Be A Body
4 That Night
5 Real Bad Job
6 Forever And Ever And Ever
7 Maniac
8 Just Wait Til Next Year
9 I'm Only Human
10 Less Talk More Action
11 Through The Skies For You
12 Blowing In The Mind
13 Of North Of North Stars
14 It Takes Time
15 The Peace That Earth Cannot Give
16 And Heaven Turned To Her Weeping

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