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Chris Brown - Now That You're Fed

  by Geraint Jones

published: 19 / 6 / 2006

Chris Brown - Now That You're Fed
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Quality pop on debut album from award winning independent film maker, in demand session musician and anonymously named, but highly gifted solo artist Chris Brown

Why is it that talent sometimes seems distributed so inequitably? I have barely any artistic ability and yet daily have to suffer people similarly afflicted, which is perhaps surprising considering such a vast majority of them are permeating the airwaves or clogging up TV schedules. On the other hand, there are people like Chris Brown. Relatively anonymously named perhaps and bizarrely absent from the airwaves on this side of the pond he may be but his debut set ‘Now That You’re Fed’ is an aural box of delights that deserves to be adorning CD shelves nationwide. He is also an award winning independent film maker and an in demand session musician. Gifted with the ability to fuse intriguing word craft to indelibly pleasurable melodies and arrangements ‘Now That You’re Fed’ sets the bar high and then hurdles way over it from start to finish. On this evidence Chris Brown has to be considered a real find. Impressively co-produced by Chris Manning, former bassist with Jellyfish, with whom Brown clearly shares some artistic vision, for connoisseurs of quality pop who appreciate hooks aplenty though combined with a little cerebral depth – think XTC or Michael Penn-‘Now That You’re Fed’ ought to raise a knowing, pensive smile right across the breadth of your visage. Or put more simply, it’s utterly poptastic!

Track Listing:-
1 Right On Time
2 I Won't Ask Why
3 All My Rivals
4 Ordinary Day
5 In the Kitchen
6 Now That You're Fed
7 Waiting for Caroline
8 Things She Laughed About
9 April
10 Tummy Ache
11 Not Gonna Make It Easy
12 Another Girl

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