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Hope Of The States - Left

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 18 / 6 / 2006

Hope Of The States - Left
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Anthemic and elegant second album from the much acclaimed Hope of the States

'Left' took over 13 months from start to finish to record. It was started in January 2005 and it was finished in March of this year, and it is worth every second that was spent on it. The follow up to 2004's 'The Lost Riots', it is also available on a limited dual disc which plays the album in DVD form and also is accompanied by a 28 minute film, which recalls the making of the album. It opens with 'Seconds', which is a short instrumental which features plucked violin strings, what sounds like a heart beating and has much oddness on keyboards. It is like a film soundtrack and builds slowly and very beautifully. 'Blood Meridian' was the first single from the album. It came out only on 10 inch vinyl, and it stands out as being a perfectly formed piece which deserves to be heard by more than the original 2000 fans that got to hear it when it was on vinyl. Everything about it swells naturally, the pace, the rhythm, and the general excitement of the number. It is followed by the second single, 'Sing It Out', which builds on the last number. It shows a band that is growing and pushing forward with every track. This has a deeper darker groove, which edges them towards an 80's Gothic sound. Think of the Mission especially ! 'Bonfires' has a strange feel and sounds something like early Radiohead and Blur. It is again well paced, and has enough energy and passion to suck you in and engage your time and patience. 'The Good Fight' is as beautiful as the early Velvet Underground, and as delicate and fresh as an early morning. It is anthemic and dramatic and, not your standard indie track, as clever in its arrangements as a Brian Wilson masterpiece. The title track starts off sounding like Coldplay, but soon develops into a well paced, track of beauty and elegance. 'Industry' is more guitar based and fiery, angry and bitter with a killer groove, a song about unemployement, bitterness and everyone screwing each other over. 'This is A Question' is anthemic, while 'Little Silver Birds' is slower, moody and magnificent and is somewhat choppy in sound with big riffs and has\a vocal that is a call to arms. 'January' is moody and piano based to start,with some strong backwards guitar and violin. It has a real soul, is a bit Portishead and as dramatic and as moody as the Cure. 'Forward Direction' has an acoustic intro, but then gets meatier and faster. It is a song that is on fire. It ends with 'The Church Choir', which is a comedown track, as slow and elegant as classic Strangelove and as smooth as Tindersticks and, like much of the rest of this album, both sad and beautiful.

Track Listing:-
1 Seconds
2 Blood Meridian
3 Sing It Out
4 Bonfires
5 The Good Fight
6 Left
7 Industry
8 This Is A Question
9 Little Silver Birds
10 Four
11 January
12 Forwardirektion
13 The Church Choir
14 Blood Meridian (Demo Version)

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