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Four Day Hombre - Don't Go Gently

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 17 / 6 / 2006

Four Day Hombre - Don't Go Gently
Label: Select Label
Format: 7"


Timeless-sounding latest single from Yorkshire rockers Four Day hombre, who draw likenesses with the Shins and Elbow

This is the latest single from Yorkshire indie rockers Four Day Hombre. It is a very quiet affair and would fit in with the likes of the Shins and Elbow. There is definitely a little hint of Coldplay in the vocals from singer/guitarist/pianist Simon Wainwright and in its refined vibe. The band firmly belong with the crop of other very talented British indie groups of the moment. They have quality songs which you know are not going to be just forgotten about in a year or so. There songs are pretty timeless,could have been written five or ten years ago and have real depth to them. The B-sides, 'It’s Okay to Lie (Live)' and 'Single Room (Live)' lean more toward the prog. rock styling of bands such as Radiohead and Broken Social Scene, yet still uphold a dream-like feel to them. and give the impression that the band have their own unique sound that will set them apart from others.

Track Listing:-
1 Don't Go Gently
2 Give Me A Rocket Pack And Show Me The Moon

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