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Our Brother The Native - Tooth And Claw

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 18 / 5 / 2006

Our Brother The Native - Tooth And Claw
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Challenging, but rewarding debut album from young American band Our Brother the Native, the latest signings to eclectic Brighton label Fat Cat

Our Brother the Native are one of the latest bands to have been discovered and signed through their myspace site, in this case by eclectic Brighton label Fat Cat. The band are made up of three teenagers, two aged 16 and one 18, who have only been making music together since last year. Considering their age, and the small time they have been together, the band’s songs are incredibly complex compositions; with folk guitar and piano interwoven with layers of samples, loops and freakish vocals. The sound the band achieve is quite similar to Animal Collective’s less accessible earlier albums, 'Spirit They’ve Gone…' and 'Danse Manitee', and in particular that latter, more experimental record. The band are smart enough to realise that songs can benefit just as much from layers and layers of sound as they can from having barely any sound at all. What I particularly like about 'Tooth and Claw' is that it’s a challenging listen without being impenetrable. There are clear melodies throughout the album, which the noise elements work with rather than against. Often when a band mixes acoustic instruments with harsh electronic elements, it sounds like the two styles are fighting against each other, but Our Brother the Native have skilfully managed to avoid this trap. If you’re a folky looking to get into more experimental music gradually, then Our Brother The Native have created the perfect stepping stone for you; a noise-folk blend that’s strange enough to be appealing, but maintains enough familiarity to stop it from alienating some listeners.

Track Listing:-
1 Introduction - Welcome To The Avery
2 Apodiformes
3 Falconiformes
4 Strigiformes
5 Welcome To The Arborary
6 Catalpa
7 Tilia Petiolaris
8 Quercusfalcata
9 Nautical Spirits - Welcome To The Aquarium
10 Octopodidae
11 Sepiidae
12 Nautilidae

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