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Forest Giants - Welcome To The Mid-West

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 17 / 5 / 2006

Forest Giants - Welcome To The Mid-West
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Brilliantly catchy pop on new album from Forest Giants, the latest release of the Lancaster-based Cherryade Records

Lancaster-based Cherryade Records steams ahead with its fourth release, 'Welcome to the Mid-West' by Forest Giants. The album is a collection of brilliantly catchy pop songs in the style of Magoo, with churning guitars and pumping keyboards. The songs are incredibly easy to get into. It is hard to understand why bands like this don’t get more recognition on radio or in major music publications. The mind boggles. In any case, there are three main reasons why I really like this album; 1. Because the songs are so dense with instruments, there’s something different to focus on with every listen. 2. Because it’s easy to dance around like an idiot to them. 3. Because the band sound like they’re enjoying making the record. There’s nothing more infectious than when the band playing the songs sound like they’re having fun playing them, and these guys sound like they’re having a ball. I’d pick some stand-out tracks, but to be perfectly honest I like every track as much as the others. Earlier Cherryade single ‘Planes Fly Overhead’ is a high-point, but opener ‘I Don’t Think You Understand’ and ‘So You Think You’re Unhappy?’ are equally pop-tastic. The slower, and female-lead, ‘The Message’ is a really good midway point to the record, a really sweet sounding track that gives you a chance to catch a breath from all that dancing you’ve been doing. This album makes me think that Forest Giants would be a tremendously fun live act, and I wait with baited breath for them to play some shows near me. I’ll get my dancing shoes out and ready.

Track Listing:-
1 I Don't Think You Understand
2 So You Think You're Unhappy?
3 Why Wait
4 Hurtful
5 Planes Fly Overhead
6 The Message
7 Wasted
8 Closure
9 Stars
10 Namesakes
11 Reverse Outro 3

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