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Dub Trio - New Heavy

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 5 / 2006

Dub Trio - New Heavy
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Unfocused second offering from Ruts-inspired New York rockers the Dub Trio

How slow and repetitive music from New York bands can sound. The Dub Trio seem a so-so version of London's 1978 band the Ruts, who melted gritty guitar licks over heavy dub in a punk setting. On this, their second (mini-)album 'New Heavy', the Dub Trio's sonic echoing and reverbs work like the icing on this (space) cake. A Mike Patton contribution on 'Not Alone' alas doesn't lift Dub Trio's 'New Heavy' album to greater heights though, as it counts among one of the Great Man's weakest offerings. Yet 'New Heavy' kicks off in fine style and along the way there are a few excellent dub cuts. Honourable mention goes out to 'One Man Tag Crew' which is an inspired dub track in great King Tubby style. The louder "rawk" tracks, however, feature lazy licks and sounds like 1975's shirts-half-opened hairy-chested mega bores have arisen from the ashes. The one and only track where Dub Trio successfully splash together metal and dub is 'Cool Out And Coexist'. Axing lumber-jack guitar riffs interact with popping basslines as the Dub Trio hammers down the tightest of their brand mark - well, er, dub-metal. Regretfully though, if it's Patton's contribution that drew your attention, two-thirds of 'New Heavy' consists of unfocused workouts on guitar, drum and bass. Pleasant enough though, I guess, as a second Dub Trio offering.

Track Listing:-
1 Illegal Dub
2 Not Alone
3 Angle Of Acceptance
4 Table Rock Dub
5 Jack Bauer
6 One Man Tag Crew
7 Yes You Can't
8 Sunny I'm Kill
9 Screaming At The Sea
10 Cool Out And Coexist
11 Lullaby For…

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