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Death Of Fashion - Hello Movement

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 27 / 4 / 2006

Death Of Fashion - Hello Movement
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


First album from 80's influenced New York namd Death of Fashion, which will appeal to both old and young new wave fans

Death of Fashion come from New York. While their debut album ‘Hello Movement’ sounds retro, it will appeal to both old and young new wave fans. It opens with the sound of a cracking record-Ah vinyl !-before moving into the first track ‘Sailor Song’ which has a vocal from singer Jesse A. Davis that sounds lazy and English, and a little like that of Mark E. Smith. It also has a weird bass line, and a guitar rhythm that sounds something like the early Cure. ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is like Franz Ferdinand in feel, even in its vocal delivery. ‘Lady Lust’ is slower with a pleasant groove on guitar, while the bass and drums just marry perfectly into one another. ‘Come Alone’ is a thrashing new wave number and has bass work that recalls the Cure’ s ‘10.15 Saturday Night’. ‘These Days’ is anthemic, an 80’s new wave style number, a fine song to dance or wiggle your ass to. ‘It's All Ours’ is also reminiscent of Franz, but, polished as well as punky, also has something of the Velvet Underground as well. ‘Left Right’ has a groovy bass line, with Chameleons style guitar, and again Mark E Smith style vocals. ‘Jenny Says’ is a tribute to the Velvets, and is a well delivered new wave number which proves to be both clever and unpredictable. ’Urgency in Harlem’ and the second last track ‘Porcelain Voice’ run into one another. ‘Urgency in Harlem’ starts with a slow crawl of a vocal and combines creepy and sleazy horror film sound effects with a basic rockabilly beat. As it progresses and moves into ‘Porcelain Voice’ it becomes increasingly more psychedelic like. The last track is ‘ 6 Esta Es Musica? which has a cool 50’s groove. The album then ends with the return of a cracking record. A cool debut for an another band from New York !

Track Listing:-
1 Sailor Song
2 Smoke and Mirrors
3 Lady Lust
4 Come Alone
5 These Days
6 It's All Ours
7 Left Right
8 Jenny Says
9 Urgency in Harlem
10 Porcelain Voice
11 Esta Es Musica_

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