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Little Killers - A Real Good One

  by Andrew Carver

published: 15 / 4 / 2006

Little Killers - A Real Good One
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Ferocious garage rock on second album from new York punks the Little Killers

New York’s the Little Killers made a splash with their eponymous debut album on Crypt. Raw and ferocious, the band sounded like a methed-up Modern Lovers or the Devil Dogs after a serious bender. Four minutes is a long song for the Little Killers – two-and-a-half is more their speed, quick punchy blasts of distilled Chuck Berry riffs, gritty chords and some handclaps to fill out the smashing percussion of Kari Borden. Singer and guitarist Andy Maltz has a sneer of a voice that perfectly suits the alternately cocksure and beaten down lover that inhabits many of his songs. Songs like 'You Better Be Right' blend the swagger of the early Stones with White Stripes style lo-fi fire – ably captured by underground super-producer Jim Diamond. While not quite as solid as their debut, 'A Real Good One' is white lightning for your garage rock liver.

Track Listing:-
1 She Don't Love Me
2 Don't Leave Me
3 Been So Long
4 You Better Be Right
5 Fly Away
6 After Awhile
7 Finger Pie
8 Street
9 Annie
10 I'm In Love With You
11 Roll Me
12 Something Special
13 Some Of These Days

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