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King Biscuit Time - Kwangchow

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 29 / 3 / 2006

King Biscuit Time - Kwangchow
Label: Select Label
Format: CDS


Multi-formatted latest single from former Beta Band star Steve Mason's latest band King Biscuit Time, which proceeds their forthcoming album 'Black Gold'

As per usual several formats are available for the second teaser single for King Biscuit's forthcoming album 'Black Gold'. 'Tears Dry' is the B-side of the 7" vinyl single and the track to go for if you're not into the remixes, which appear on the CD single. Typically a B-side, it doesn't make sense in the context of the CD single upon which it also appears, nor on the album. 'Kwangchow' is a gentle love song ; it might scrape the bottom of the charts! Not because of the chaotic remix by Doctors of Love which ruins the subtlety with hammering piano chords. That mix gets a bit better towards the end though. Remixheads should go for the Suicide D.O.G.Z. Faudel's Hash Den version. That's a dub version actually with a pace that suits the languish a little better. Whereas the original shows vulnerability opposing a gutsy melody, the last mix leaves out those great hooks and chorus breaks and adds minimal dub yet it works.

Track Listing:-
1 Kwangchow
2 Tears Dry
3 Kwangchow (Doctors Of Love Remix)
4 Kwangchow (Suicide D.O.G.Z - Faudels Hash Den Remix)

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