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King Biscuit Time - Black Gold

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 6 / 7 / 2006

King Biscuit Time - Black Gold
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Superior second album from former Beta Band frontman Steve Mason, under his King Biscuit Time moniker, which proves reminiscent of both Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth

Formerly of the Beta Band, Steve Mason started his King Biscuit Time sidekick project ages ago in 1999 with two EPs on the Regal label which is an offshoot of EMI, the very label he was so cynical of from an early stage. Those two EPs actually brought together more of the same, but back then who could have objected? Eventually King Biscuit Time's official debut got scrutinised. Yet this ought to be seen in light of his refusal to go on stage and to go on a tour in order to promote 'his' change from being the Beta Band's top dog to King Biscuit Time evolving into a band. In hindsight, Steve Mason was The Beta Band and when compared to the Beta Band's 2004 take as 'Heroes to Zeros', King Biscuit Time's 'Black Gold' does come as the superior effort, but one that could not have been achieved as a Beta offering. 'Black Gold' showcases the diversity that major Beta brain Mason always was capable of. The album kicks off with the singles 'CIAM15', and 'Kangchow' which fall in between tracks of similarly catchy fashion, each one of pure Scots indie quality. I purposefully mention the Beta Band this often as their merit of finding the melodic meander, which tantalised quite a few of us, obviously should be contributed to Steve Mason, a.k.a. King Biscuit Time these days. The quintessential parts from 'Black Gold' include the hauntingly beautiful melodies only Big Country could pride themselves with having composed. Te second last track on the album, 'Rising Son', leaves open all options. Reminiscent of both Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth you may find this to be rather intriguing.

Track Listing:-
1 C I Am 15
2 Izzum
3 Impossible Ride
4 Kwangchow
5 Lefteye
6 All Over You
7 The Way You Walk
8 Paperhead
9 Rising Son
10 Metal Biscuit
11 C I Am 15 (Instrumental)
12 Izzum (Instrumental)
13 Impossible Ride (Instrumental)
14 Kwangchow (Instrumental)
15 Lefteye (Instrumental)
16 All Over You (Instrumental)
17 The Way You Walk (Instrumental)
18 Paperhead (Instrumental)
19 Rising Son (Instrumental)

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